Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silly Tips

* If you're wearing make-up as part of your costume over do it so the camera can catch it.

* Play some music. Loosen up with a dance party.

* Don't be shy. You're there because you want to be.

* If you find yourself stage struck sing your fave song in your head.

* Be confident in your picture taking. You probably won't realise at the time but the pictures you're taking are awesome!

* It's digital. Snap away!

* Experiment: Stand on something and look down on your subject.

* Don't just focus on their face. Look for details. Feet. Jewellery.

* When all else fails, jump! Jumping pictures are always cool.

* Feeling tense? Laugh. Fake laughing makes you really laugh and when you laugh you're gorgeous.

* If you're going to make sound effects ie. pretending to shoot a lazer gun or pretending to be a lion. Commit. Make the sounds and make them loud.

* The camera catches how beautiful you are but if you're carrying tension it catches that too. Don't clench your jaw or square your shoulders. Shake it out.

* When you're the photographer don't be scared to get in close to your subject. Get in their face.

* When having close ups taken don't be scared. Look into the lens and find your reflection. Play with it.

* Ask your group for ideas. Give suggestions.

* There are free editing programs you can use. I recommend picnik.

Do you have any tips to add? Leave it in the comment box and we'll add it.


LeaAnne said...

I SO love Picnik!! Thanks so much for all the great tips, so far the Picnik one has Changed my world~!!! :) XOXO~

Meredith said...

i agree: COMMIT to those sounds effects! it makes all the diff;)