These Girls know

Sometimes I feel like I just get swallowed up in being a mom. No longer the cute girl I used to be, I'm just Mommy. I especially felt this way as a stay-at-home mom and wife of a busy husband working and going to school. Getting out and being silly with other beautiful women was a great stress reliever and a fun way to remember that I'm still the cute girl I used to be.


This is one that Megan took, I absolutely love it of me. I was just playing around and trying to be as goofy as I felt! It just so happened that Megan captured this shot, but of all the pictures of me, this is one of my favorites. I loved every chance I got to get with the Silly Girls, it was so fun getting together and just being as silly and goofy as we could. I would always leave on cloud nine and thankful for the chance to make such a great friends. 
Thanks again! I can't wait to help expand Silly Girls everywhere!

This is my absolute favorite picture that you took of me. This was the first & only shoot I got to do with you and I could've have had more fun! Crazy how that worked out because I only knew you, the photographer and none of the other girls. Yet we all had SO much fun together! I'm a typical girl who is an absolute pro at posing in front of the mirror...and no one else. So doing this was a little scary, but as soon I as let go and realized that I could be silly and no one would care, I did it! This picture completely captures that experience - I can be completely carefree and beautiful.

This is a picture we took in November when we were being silly. What I love about this shoot is that you have a mother of 7, a mother of 8, a grandmother, a PTA mom, 2 mothers of toddlers, a mother who 2 months after the picture was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer, and a mother of 12 behind the camera. We had a great time laughing and freezing! The reason why Silly Girls is so important to me is because my first shoot couldn't have come at a better time. I had just given birth to my second child and was carrying around 45 extra pounds and a bad case of post partum depression. 
Having a great time and seeing that the beauty was in memories I made that day was life changing. Since that day I have been working to make girls silly ever since!