Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Fisherman's Wife:

Layers, braids and waves, boots, tights, mix light fabrics with heavy fabrics, light and airy, flowers in your hair, whimsicle, romantic...

Also take a look at the post below for ideas. I think they kind of go together. Mix and match.

Be bold, do what you want and do it fully.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Old West

We're not talking cheesy cowgirl costumes. I'm thinking more along the lines of gun-slinger, tough guys. This photo is the jumping-off point. He's scary good-looking.
I love the poncho theme, maybe modified into some sort of scarf.

The hats don't have to be "cowboy" necessarily.
OOOOOOOO Fringe, how I love thee.
Muted tones with mix-and-match patterns. We can be feminine without looking like cowgirl pinups. No short-shorts and unbuttoned shirts showing our cleavage. Yuck.
If you have a cowboy hat, bring it along, for sure. If not, that's ok.
We're tough. And smoking hot.
With maybe a softer side.
Cute hair and pretty makeup.
But don't forget the gun-slinger edge.

Time and Place TBA.
I'd like to go out to one of the ghost towns.

OK, so I don't know if we want to make a day out of this but I realllllly want to go here. It's a spooky ghost town that I've heard all sorts of stories about. I would love to take a day trip. Just for the sake of it, really. What do you think??? It's almost 3 hours away, but I'm dying to see it.

Post edit:
Time and Place: Meet at 7:00 pm in front of building 7. We'll carpool to wherever we're going.

No Montana. Sad day, but I will think of another haunted-looking place, closer to home. :) That way more people can come.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Balloon Ideas!!! :)

Wednesday night at 7pm! Meet in front of building 11 at the UV. We're going to be floating away with balloons!!!!
I tried to find some pictures that might help you with clothes! I thought, bright colors with layering. The more over-the-top you are, the more fun the pictures come out, but make sure you are comfortable in whatever you choose!
LOVE this makeup and hair! Big hair makes the look! Bright lips, yum!

Here's a chance to try great styles you've seen!

Let me know if you need help choosing an outfit. I have costume boxes, too. And I love to primp and do hair and makeup!
xoxo, Megan