Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Official date!


Voting ends this Friday for the official theme of our photo shoots. The official photo shoots will take place on the weekend of July 10th. We decided to go with a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) because we know everyone has obligations that can't just be abandoned. We'd like for your pictures to be added to the new Official Silly Girls United group on facebook - there wasn't a way for you to upload your pictures into albums on the other page so I created this one. You have to "like" it so I can add you as admin and therefore upload your images into albums.

We want to keep uploads organised. I'll explain how we'll do that closer to the time (it'll be easy).

Because the Official shoot date is a few weeks away we want to give you the chance to do a warm up shoot on the weekend of July 4th! Lots of us will be travelling and spending that weekend with family, which is perrrrfect! If you do choose to warm-up don't tell us the theme you're doing. I want to guess it when I see the pictures ;)

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