Friday, April 24, 2009

The secret life of a housewife...

Her day begins long before sending the children off to school.
With the children now gone it's time to make their home spic and span.
With the house work done she has a minute to plan the rest of her day whilst keeping up appearances for the neighbours.
She realises the drabber she stays the more amazing her transformation really is.
Today will be no different than the others.
She retrieves her makeup stash which she keeps so well hidden...
and goes to work on her transformation.
She knows exactly what she's doing. She's done it a million times before.
Blue eyes and red lips.
No one has any idea she does this every single day!
If she stopped there she's feel incomplete. The hair is an essential part of her costume.
Bon Jovi would be jealous of her locks... back in the 80's.
Drab housewife no more!
Housewifery has never been so AWESOME!
There will be time to wipe down the counter once she's done. There always is.
Sometimes she just can't control herself!
She often gets too carried away when she jumps from the counter amidst guitar solo. It wouldn't be the first time she thought she broke her ankle doing this.
She recovers quickly. That's what being a rockstar is all about - and also having your hair be blown by a fan in your kitchen like you're in an 80's music video.
She needs to calm down before the children get home. She unwinds with a quick game of Guitar Hero then changes back and puts some cookies in the oven.
And tomorrow it'll all begin again.


Elaine said...

♥ the newest installment of photos....esp the guitar and walking on the countertops... :)

Keep the creativeness going

Kamilli Vanilli said...

Hahahahahaha! Those are awesome!!! Fine work, indeed!

whitty-acres said...

flipping rad to the tubular max!

The Glicks said...

it's SO true!

Megan Marie said...

love your new friend already.

TeeTee said...

I love it, I love it, I love it!