Sunday, August 30, 2009

Laura: Two Silly Girls Extravaganza!

What: The last shoot of summer.
Come join Megan and Danielle on their last photo shoot of the summer.

When: Wednesday 2nd September 6pm
Where: to be announced - probably Mukilteo beach

Dress: Solid bright colours and jeans/skirts

Bring: $2 to help pay for props would be appreciated.
If you want a disk of the edits bring a disk with your name on it and if you want it to be mailed to you bring it in a self addressed stamped envelope.

Props to bring if you have: streamers, balloons, parasols, umbrellas, hula hoops, bubbles, long bead necklaces etc... think bright!

Look here for ideas and inspiration.

Ask questions/leave suggestions/RSVP in the comment section here.

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